on Making wise Decisions

Sometimes, time management gets the best of me. Some days though, I come home from classes and am extremely judicious and productive, like today.

I walked in the door, dropped my backpack, and

took a nap.


It felt SO good. exactly what I needed after a morning of forgetting my wallet, misreading my lab schedule, and running around campus, then back home, then back to campus…you get the picture. Note to self: next time, remember everything you need to, and then we won’t have these problems any more.

I just wrote out notecards for the first Top 200 Drugs quiz, and tomorrow I need to buy a patient assesment text, prep for lab, and print off a bunch of lecture notes.

Our first class today was pharmaceutics, which is the study of drug dosage, design, and delivery. It amazes me what drugs have to pass through and overcome to get to their target; acidic environments, basic environments, lipid barriers, blood solubility, enzymes, efflux transporters, and many many more entities.
Next up was a writing assessment for the college; my question was concerning “Etiquette Based Practice”…more on that later.
Last in the queue today was pharmacy practice foundations, which is a class on the basics of law, ethics, and procedures within the pharmacy. Our extremely informative guest speaker was the executive director of the Idaho Board of Pharmacy; he gave us the run-down of all Idaho’s basic pharmacy laws and their systems. I think I’ll be getting an Idaho extern application so that I can do IPPEs in Idaho – their application is so short compared to Washington’s!

Last night I baked a loaf of whole-wheat amaranth bread…it filled the entire house with a lovely autumn smell. My roommates were thoroughly enraged that I didn’t make two loaves…once I nail down the recipe I’ll post it here.

It’s 9:30 and my adenosine receptors are getting quite full…it’s time to call it a night.


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