on Buckling Down

Week 3: Quiz, Pathophysiology.

Week 4: Exam, Integrated Pharmacolgy. Exam, Top 200. Exam, Pharmaceutics I.

Uh. We’re getting serious now, aren’t we?

Today, I’m piecing together a patient counseling sheet for Flexeril, or cyclobenzaprine. We’ve got to cover all the basics just like we’re talking to a patient, because come Tuesday, we’ll be ‘counseling’ someone( a fellow student) on how, when, and why they should take Flexeril… I’m pretty excited. I know its just a mock-counsel, but still. I can use this experience and the knowledge that comes with it to counsel a patient during an IPPE or some other situation. It’s so…relevant. The only hard part is how to impart all the information you need to in a way that the patient can understand but also doesn’t make them feel incompetent.

I’m also studying for that patho-phys quiz (hey it rhymes!), wrapping up scholarship applications, and finishing my calculations homework so that tomorrow can really be a day off.

And I made soup. It’s a good one…home made beef stock, veggie stock, caramelized onions, chopped cabbage, shredded salt&pepper chicken, basil, and topped with some crusty bread cubes. Perfect for an in-between autumn day like today. Alright. Back to it.


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