On Early Mornings

My typing skills aren’t quite as good at 5 am.

I woke up early today to study for my first patho-physiology quiz…it’s just immune system review and an introduction to cancer immunology.

Yesterday we had the general pharmacy supervisor from Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital speak in our Pharmacy Foundations class…he talked about all the different areas they use pharmacists for in the hospital. It’s such a massive system – the amount of medications and people just in the pharmacy departments is incredible.

One of the things that resonated with me was the Decentralized Clinical Services department…its a team of interdisciplinary health professionals that makes rounds to different areas and develops care plans for individual patients. Another department that was extremely interesting was the oncology center. Oncology vs. Nuclear pharmacy? I think oncology might be a bit more hands-on than nuclear; more patient-centered than nuclear.

In order to practice in an oncology department, I’d need to do a residency in oncologic pharmacy.

Which is another two years.

I think I’ll focus on today first: class till 11am, PSAC meeting at 12pm, class from 2-3pm, and helping with the Backyard Harvest stand in Troy until 6pm. I might try to jam in some studying at Cafe Moro tonight – I need to start in on the heavy pharmacology stuff for next week!


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