on Doing the Next Thing

When overwhelmed, I reach back to a poem by Elisabeth Elliot entitled, “Do the Next Thing”. It was given to me by a dear friend after a loss, and it simply, calmly, lovingly says “Do the Next Thing”. It’s a wonderful idea, really.

Do the next thing.

Do it prayerfully.

Do it casting all care.

This week in Communications Lab we’ll be working with barriers to communication. Read: difficult patients and busy pharmacies. We’re supposed to select a certain flawed personality type to act out in a mock counseling session…sounds fun, until you’re on the pharmacist side of things.

Thursday is our first pharmaceutics exam, followed by patient assessment lab where we’ll be pricking people’s fingers to draw blood to check their cholesterol levels. GULP. I can prick a finger, I swear. It’s completely within my skill set.

(Nobody told me I’d have to puncture skin in pharmacy school! Euggh.)

Let’s see…its Tuesday, right? Right. I get to go home(!) and study(!) after lab today, until practice foundations at 2:30. Then comes more studying, possibly with a shot in the dark.

Shot in the dark? You don’t know what that is? Neither did I until last week – it’s a shot of espresso in a drip coffee that rounds out the brew beautifully, especially partnered with a healthy splash of cream. A drink most helpful in studying.

Adieu! I’m off to do the next thing!


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