on Being Here

Just a quick thought…

I just wrote, “Acetominophen Toxicity Mechanism” at the top of my study page.

And then I thought, ” Wow. I get to study acetominophen.”
Which, now that I’m typing it, sounds completely lame, but really, I promise, it’s exciting. Because the fact that I’m studying acetominophen and how it works means that I’m starting to be a pharmacist. Just starting, but still.

I poked people’s fingers today and took their blood pressure. We did a health screening clinic at the rec center…I felt undeservedly and bizarrely official as I lanced fingers, drew blood into capillary tubes, and ran lipid panels on complete strangers who were trusting me with their fingers. I also wore my stethoscope around my neck and used my blood pressure cuff on someone other than my lab partner…

My lipid panel came back awesome…I credit it to coconut oil, butter, and bacon. No joke.

Ok. Back to wonderful, exhausting acetominophen toxicity.



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