on Studying, studying more, then doing Important, Life Changing Things

Whew! Got those three midterms out of the way last week…such a relief. This week is far better – just our patient assessment exam tomorrow and a pathophys exam on Friday. We have to take our partner’s blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol measurements…no big deal (insert slight panic attack)

For the blood pressure portion, the instructor listens in with us on a double stethoscope (!) and we must be withing 4 mmHg of their reading to pass. If not, well, let’s just not think about that. I’ve been practicing on all my roommates (ahem, victims), so I feel pretty confident.

Also, I just signed up to interview with Kaiser Permanente, Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Target…job interviews!Me!Interviewing!For real pharmacy jobs!
(take breath)
Apparently interviewing during this annual job fair is de rigeur for pharmacy students; it’s an opportunity to line up summer jobs and internships. It’s also a chance to sell part of your soul in exchange for tuition. Some companies offer to pay for tuition IF you work for them for a few years afterward. That just seems scary to me: promising to work for a company for YEARS is one thing, but promising that during my first year when I don’t really know what I want to do yet? Guf. I don’t know.

But if they’re offering me tens of thousands of dollars and a secure job out of school….



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