On Week 6 (!)

Wow. Six weeks in? Already? My goodness.

This last week was a wonderful respite from the storm of midterms: Round 1. By God’s grace, I survived those exams and labs…dare I say they were actually enjoyable? And then the Week of Rest as I came to call it. No tests, no labs. All I had to do was sit and take notes and listen.

This week is shaping up to be moderate – a Top 200 test is tomorrow. It’s over all the top cardiac medications: calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, anti-hyperlipemics, anti-platelet meds, anti-coagulant meds, and more! Oh I forgot the diuretics. It’s a party over here, lemme tell ya.

We also have a calculations test on Wednesday:  Five problems, fifty minutes. I need to memorize all the shorthand for scripts and unit conversions so that I don’t get stranded on converting inches to meters or something silly like that. Oh and I need to not make any silly mistakes. The funny thing about pharmacy calculations is that there is NO partial credit…

(WHAT?! That’s SO unfair!!!)

Which seems a bit odd at first, until you realize that in real life, you don’t get any points on a partially correct medication. Someone dies. So, in the long run, it makes sense that we have to get the problem completely right from start to finish. I should brush up on my proofreading skills.

On a side note, I had this bizarre idea in my head that people don’t get sick in pharmacy school…but apparently, as my raging sore throat will attest to, simply learning about anti-biotics doesn’t make one any more immune to bacteria. Huh.


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