on Hope, Light at the End of the Proverbial Tunnel

You know, I love pharmacy school.

I love pharmacy school.

That’s right…I love pharmacy school.

Just keep repeating that to my self when it’s hard not to think the opposite.

Today is Sunday; I’ve got until Thursday.

Monday: Calculations. Cumulative. Just finished the review packet, feeling super ready. Bring it like you mean it.

Tuesday: Pathophysiology. About to continue review – need to go over pseudogynecomastia. Don’t ask.

Wednesday: Pharmaceutics and Foundations. Pharmaceutics is going to be gnarly.

Thursday: Pharmacology. Need to start studying that tonight/tomorrow.


Four more days of coffee, bloodshot eyes, fighting off sore throats, and thinking about that glowing spot off in the distance called Christmas.

The weather, thankfully, is gray, overcast, and gloomy. The sky is brooding over Pullman, pulled down tight like a dark gray cap. Very conducive to studying.

I’m listening to the Wailin’ Jennys and Sufjan Stevens on Grooveshark to keep me goin’ strong. They’re my favorites; they fuel my love for blue grass and banjos. If I could find a decent, reasonably priced banjo and an accompanying instructor, this song would be the first I learned. So lovely.

I made beer bread this afternoon, but I used a very dark beer. Consequently, the bread tastes like a beefy porter. Alot.

Between Calculations and Pathophysiology I went on a drizzly walk with Esther. Love that girl. We prayed and talked and strolled. Sometimes a solid walk is very necessary.

I convinced Madison to put coffee and chocolate in her chili…the flavors sing now instead of just dancing on the tongue.

Speaking of coffee, after this week a coffee detox may be necessary. I’m starting to suffer from caffeine-induced psychosis.

Christmas…what did you ask for? I asked for a spatula-edged beater for my Kitchen-Aid mixer, a backpack, and a heated blanket.


Oh – one more thing!

Next Monday and Tuesday, I get to go down to Lewiston and shadow an oncologist; I am allowed to stalk him and the pharmacists he works with, ask them questions, get the vibe of the place. Figure out if I really want to be a clinical pharmacist in an oncology department. If I really want to spend two more years after these four in a residency.

We’ll see 🙂



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