on A Satisfied Smile

Well, dear friends, that’s that (brushes hands together, shrugs).

First semester of pharmacy school, done and done.


Praise God for sustaining, counseling, helping, guiding, and loving.

Thank the Lord for bundles of dear best friends who pray and ask, ” How are you really doing?”


There is a semi-serious snow falling outside…it’s trying to fall softly, quietly, like a proper, friendly snow but it’s just not succeeding; it is being driven to the ground by the wind and sticking there rather quickly and ungracefully. Still, I’m glad for it – better snow with its white purity than a drizzly gray freezing rain or a hopeless, mucky slush.

from{this is glamorous}

Yesterday was the first glorious day of respite. I simply existed for a good part of it. Hulu did me the great service of providing His Girl Friday, with Cary Grant, for free. I’m discovering that old movies really are superior…after all these years of avoiding the black and white because of some perceived ‘boring’ quality to them. I’ve also just watched Holiday with Grant and Katherine Hepburn; it’s a delicious tale of a rebel and a drama queen and following the heart of things, which is really what movies should be.

So there you have it: this break shall be filled with existing, vintage movies, perusing glorious design blogs, reading the Word, being with loved ones, and not a small amount of joy.

Next semester, I want to be hyper-organized. Now that I know how everything works in pharmacy school, I feel much more capable to create a precise filing and binder system that allows for easy access. A place for everything …


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