Thesis Thoughts

I’ve been approved to move forward on my thesis! And my goodness does it feel great to be validated in my pursuit of better lives for cancer patients. Months of work and thought… with more to come.

Using the ketogenic diet raises so many intricacies and questions, it’s hard to know where to start. I find myself practically running away from the computer instead of delving into the research and the details.

I often find myself perusing low-carb blogs and Marks Daily Apple for information instead of peer-reviewed databases. The thing is, I love food. I love cooking, dancing around the kitchen, making meals for the people I cherish. Dry studies from certified intellectuals rarely excite me. I’ve recently recognized how powerful food can be; we give it, we use it to comfort ourselves, it speaks to the fact that someone cares about us. Even if that ‘someone’  is yourself. I want to approach this ketogenic protocol development with compassion in mind…in a gentle, caring, kind way. This isn’t meant to upset people or disrupt their lives, it’s meant to heal and restore.

Should I come right out in my thesis and say that I’m on the Paleo/Low Carb/Pseudo Atkins train? I really detest those labels, for several reasons. I don’t believe in evolution, first of all, so the Paleo diet has some theoretical flaws for me. The second the word, “Atkins” passes my lips, people (especially medical professionals) stiffen and laser-beam stare me down. I think ‘low carb’ has the fewest negative connotations, but it’s meaning is very ambiguous. I’ve read studies about ‘low’ carbohydrate diets that had its patients eating upwards of 150 grams of carbs per day…OF COURSE your results aren’t significantly different than the low fat protocol.

Perhaps ‘restricted carb’? No. There is nothing harsh about this…it needs to be something people can use in conversation…well I suppose I could take the vain approach and name it after myself : the Schaffer Protocol. Ambiguous, neutral, no hint of bias. Hm. I like it for now.

I wonder if there are any nutritionists out there doing the same thing? I can’t imagine that a whole foods ketogenic diet for cancer patients is highly commonplace, especially as a practice standard.

On a much more interesting note, coconut milk whipped cream happened in my kitchen this morning as I was preparing breakfast. Oh dear Lord this is fabulous. I was inspired by Kathy from Healthy Happy Life .

Coconut Milk Whipped Cream Via Kathy of Healthy Happy Life

My version used the coconut water as well, because I’ll be stirring it into yogurt and coffee and other such good things. I simply tossed a chilled can of Classic Coconut milk into my Kitchenaid with the whisk attachment on and let it go to town for a few minutes, adding a packet of NuStevia and a drop of vanilla.

I used this in my breakfast this morning – a lovely bowl of Fage Total, coconut flour, 100% Whey protein powder and the aforementioned coconut whipped cream. Fiber, fat, and protein combined to tide me over a good long while.


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