right now

A sketchy version of the view from my office at the moment. A long hallway, usually filled with sounds of people chatting and working and doing fancy higher-education things. I’m writing a short case study on diabetic neuropathy right now – trying to stay focused but instead doing things like staring out the window and putting fun filters on random pictures. I have the Friday procrastination bug right now – but I know I need to come back to center and settle down into my mind, focus on the task at hand.

Right now. That concept is so difficult. Remember the movie Flubber? With Robin Williams? It was one of my absolute favorites growing up. This mad scientist invents Flubber, which is basically a highly flexible, incredibly bouncy and unruly piece of green rubber with its own free will. Anytime it hits anything, it causes catastrophic bouncing, bounding, and ricocheting all over the world, up to the sky, everywhere. It’s unpredictable and almost impossible to control. My thoughts feel like Flubber today. And maybe a mad scientist too.

So… Centering. Deep breaths. Feeling the weight of my thoughts and body. Focusing on a central point. That’s the challenge (and prayer) for the next few hours.


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